Jeanette Cooper

Lecturer - Archaeology


Graduate Advisor

  • Dynamics in the Mediterranean during the Greek Archaic Period
  • Ceramics analysis
  • Trade
  • Colonization
  • Roman Britain
  • Indigenous Sicilian Culture
  • Etruscan Material Cuture

Selected Publications & Presentations:

  • (January 2009)  “Navigating Multi-cultural Relationships in Western Sicily during the Greek Archaic Period” at the AIA annual Meeting.
  • (January 2006) “Elyminization Not Hellenization,” at the AIA Annual Meeting.
  • (March 2002) “Transgressing Boundaries in Sallust’s Bellum Jugurthinum,” at The Duke University and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Annual Graduate Student Symposium.
  • (January 2002) “Sphoungaras:  Evidence of Social Hierarchy in Minoan Crete,” at the AIA Annual Meeting.
  • Review of Uplands of Ancient Sicily and Calabria: the archaeology of landscape revisited, ed. By Matthew Fitzjohn (Accordia Research Institute, London, 2007).  In AJA Online Reviews vol. 113, no. 4 (July 2009)
  • Archaeology & World Prehistory
  • Ancient Cultures of Egypt, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean
  • Ancient Mediterranean Ceramics
  • Archaeology & Museum Practices
  • Applied Archaeology
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Applied Anthropology Internship

Ph.D. Classical Archaeology, University at Buffalo, NY
M.A. Classics, University at Buffalo, NY
B.A. History (Minors in Anthropology, Art History, & French), Humboldt State University

(707) 826-4324
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