Ethnographic Research Lab

Two people sitting on a bench with a computer and papers

The Ethnographic Research Laboratory is a research facility dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of knowledge about human cultures. As part of the Anthropology Program of Cal Poly Humboldt, the laboratory supports the research and instructional activities of the faculty, unique learning and directed-research opportunities for Humboldt students, and educational outreach within the local community.


  • Meeting space
  • Interview space
  • Computers
  • Ethnographic research materials
  • Interview recording equipment
  • Collaboration boards

Get Involved:

There are several ways to be involved in the lab and cultural anthropology at Humboldt:
  • Take courses in cultural anthropology.
  • Enroll in Anth 482 Anthropology Internship and apply to work in the lab.
  • Volunteer to assist with ongoing student and faculty projects.

Contact Information:

Gordon Ulmer, (Director)


Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) building, Room 233
Anthropology Department
Cal Poly Humboldt
Arcata, CA 95521