MA Applied Anthropology Current Students

Sarah BrewerSarah Brewer
Email:scb17( at )
Research Interests: Cultural resource management, cultural landscapes, prehistory and early colonization of the central coast of California
Cody BakerCody Baker
Email:cab203( at )
Research Interests: Applied Anthropology
Keduescha ColegroveKeduescha Colegrove
Email:kjl1( at )
Research Interests: Cultural resource management; heritage preservation; preservation planning utilizing traditional values
Carolyn CooleyCarolyn Cooley
Email:cbc312( at )
Research Interests: Cultural response to climate change; motherhood and mothering; U.S. social movements and countercultures; feminist anthropology; Native sovereignty, cultural survival and land rights
MapAmy Deuink
Email:adeuink( at )
Research Interests: Ethnography; libraries; user experience; critical information literacy; higher education; 21st century libraries
Casey DobbinsCasey Dobbins
Email:cld386( at )
Research Interests: Poetics; linguistic anthropology; literature; aesthetics; eating disorder narratives; psychocentrism; patholigization of women; feminist studies; Virginia Woolf; modernism; critical theory.
Tina FultonTina Fulton
Email:tmf319( at )
Research Interests: Cultural Resources Management; coordination with Native American tribes and various agencies; California and Oregon coastal archaeology, worked bone artifacts and faunal bone analysis.
Megan FunckMegan Funck
Email:mmf416( at )
Research Interests: Ethnography; anthropology of travel and tourism; development; globalization; cultures and languages of South Asia
Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart
Email:mh394( at )
Research Interests: Great Basin and California archaeology, hunter-gatherer subsistence strategies and environmental adaptations in arid environments, traditional ecological knowledge, landscape archaeology, GIS, cultural resource management, historic preservation, Mojave and Colorado Desert region

Liz HodgesLiz Hodges
Email:esh186( at )
Research Interests: Archaeology of the Northwest Coast and California, cultural resource management, traditional ecological knowledge, GIS.
Pamela HollandPamela Holland
Email:pjh11( at )
Research Interests: Experimental archaeology, arctic and sub-arctic cultures, hunting methods, food preservation methods, gathering for medicinal and dietary use, animal domestication
Annelise Ihle Annelise Ihle
Email:aj43( at )
Research Interests: Indigenous studies (pre-Columbian), indigenous representation in educational curricula.
MapEmily Koss
Email:elk1( at )
Research Interests: Evolution of religion; hunter-gatherer religion; cultural and behavioral ecology; primate cognition
Kayla Krueger Kayla M. Krueger
Email:kmk137( at )
Research Interests: Bioarcheology, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Science, Osteology, Ritual use of human remains.
Bekah La Due Bekah La Due
Email:rdl47( at )
Research Interests: Cultural and medical anthropology; ethnography; Post 9/11 American veterans; veteran transition and reintegration experiences; military sociolinguistics; female veteran identity; veteran specific nonprofit development; military hero complex; motherhood and mothering along with early childhood diet and nutrition.
Melvin LeeMelvin Lee
Email:ml376( at )
Research Interests: Mass Incarceration; re-entry; globalism; structural violence; conflict; peace building; colonialism; white supremacy; self-care; epigenetics and inequality.
Berlin LoaBerlin Loa
Email:bl53( at )
Research Interests: Diaspora and immigrant communities, cultural memory and material artifacts, museum collections, transnational narratives (diaspora and exile), border culture, displacement and sovereignty, urban immigrant culture, literary anthropology, literature and imagery as cultural memory, folklore and storytelling, oral traditions.
Jarrett Lowery Jarrett Lowery
Email:jarrett.lowery( at )
Research Interests: American West expansion and settlement, North American protohistoric period, cultural syncretism, and hunter-gatherer adaptations in California, Oregon, and the Great Basin.
Jordyn Neely Jordyn Neely
Email:jlm61( at )
Research Interests: Archaeology, CRM, Lithics, Paleo-Indian/ Archaic archaeology, Peopling of the Americas, Land Use & Migration, Bioarcheology, Evolutionary Psychology, Feminism & Gender Inequality, Gender Equality in cultural sub-groups, Rural Culture, the San Luis Valley (of Southern Colorado), the Anthropology of Modern Agriculture.
Jenna HorvatJenna Nelson
Email:jeh740( at )
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology; health; nutrition; diet; human osteology
Michelle Newcomb Michelle L. Newcomb
Email:mln48( at )
Research Interests: Cultural resource management; invertebrate faunal analysis; ichthyology; coastal Californian Chumash subsistence; practical archaeology methodology; laboratory and data management methods; archaeology law & ethics; technical & subsistence writing; Hazard Waste Operations and Emergency Response.
Robert Newcomb Robert C. Newcomb
Email:rcn22( at )
Research Interests: Cultural resource management; archaeology; GIS, remote sensing, and UAV applications in archaeological surveys and excavation; lithic tool analysis and assemblages.
Mindi Nguyen Mindi Nguyen
Email:mn129( at )
Research Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology, implicit bias, public health, medical anthropology, globalization
Thesis Title: Societal and Lifestyle Factors of Those Following a Health-Vegan Diet
Gabriella Oglietti Gabriella N. Oglietti
Email:gno5( at )
Research Interests: Archaeology; remote sensing; GIS; cultural resource management; settlement patterns; preservation.
Walter Tovar Saldaña Walter A. Tovar Saldaña
Email:wat47( at )
Research Interests: Holistic anthropology, biocultural anthropology, human behavioral ecology, water management, public anthropology, anthropological pedagogy, anthropology of violence, underwater archaeology, computational archaeology, culture resource management, archaeology, Mesoamerica.
Jordan Walsh Jordan Walsh
Email:jw329( at )
Research Interests: Community Organization; Social justice; Educational Anthropology; Consumerism and waste management; Folklore
Kaya Wiggins Kaya Wiggins
Email:kew88( at )
Research Interests: Cultural resources management; archaeology of the Central Coast of California; prehistory; protohistoric period; Chumash culture; Salinan culture; Olivella (Callianax biplicata) shell bead economies and classification; colonization of California by Native peoples.