Undergraduate Anth Courses

Bachelor's Degree Courses

Fall 2020 Special Topics Courses

  • ANTH 307: Chinese Cultural Heritage (3 units). The study of Chinese cultural heritage through perspectives on ancient and classical works, including divination and folklore, kinship and ritual, archeological artifacts and literary traditions such as drama and poetry. Dr. Mary Scoggin
  • ANTH 339: People, Parks & Power (4 units). This course foregrounds Indigenous Peoples’ experiences with environmental conservation. It critically examines conservation’s entanglements with broader processes such as settler colonialism and Indigenous sovereignty, sustainable development, globalization, and cultural change. Dr. Gordon Ulmer
  • ANTH 390: Australian Culture (4 units). Examines changing arguments about sovereignty with focus on Indigenous voices in new media/film. Issues facing Australian Anthropology; land-use, environment, climate, colonial history, culture, politics, representation, health, neo-liberalism & state control. Dr. Llyn Smith