Medieval Bioarchaeology in Poland

Medieval Bioarchaeology Program in Poland is a unique opportunity to excavate and analyze human remains from a medieval cemetery at Bezlawki, in north eastern Poland. This site was the territory of Old Prussians, a pagan peoples who resisted conversion into Christianity for many centuries to be finally conquered by the Teutonic Knight Order. The Bezlawki mortuary dates to around the 13th century AD, which is within about 50-100 years of the conversion to Christianity. Accordingly, burials have the potential of representing an interesting mix of Pagan and Christian rituals. From previous field seasons, the site has already yielded over 100 adult, juvenile and infant skeletons with a variety of pathologies and trauma. Prussian burial sites are rare to find intact, and so a main goal of this project is to analyze burial practices and osteological remains to illuminate the unique features of Prussian life and death. You can learn more about the field site and field school at the Bezlawki Bioarch website, and learn more about the field school at the Program Application Site (link to be provided when applications are ready).