Anth T-Shirts & Bags - Order by Dec 7, 2019!

Attention HSU Anthropology Students!

At long last we have t-shirts and (recycled material) tote bags available! As part of our initial roll-out, the Anthropology Department will purchase one item (one shirt or one bag) per current Anthropology major. The item can be for you or a gift for someone else.

Link to shirt order form

Link to bag order form

The process is simple - just click the links above and decide if you want a shirt (and if so what color/design/size) or a bag. When you are ready with your choice, please indicate your order on the corresponding (shirt or bag) form linked above.

When placing your order, please provide your (student) name and HSU email in the form, even if you intend to gift the item - this way we know the order is for you.

Be sure to place your order by Dec 7th at the latest!

You do not need to pay anything - after December 7, the Anthropology Department will pay for and order the items. Everything will be shipped to HSU Anthropology for pickup. If this is an issue for you, please contact Marissa Ramsier ( and I will work with you on a solution.

P.S. There is a minimum order for each item in order for the company to print them. We do not anticipate this being an issue - but if you pick something that does not make the minimum, we will contact you regarding alternatives.

P.S.S. We know that some students may want multiple items or other options. At a later date we will have options for purchasing items on an individual basis!