ANTH 482 (Internship) & 485 (Teaching & Leadership) Applications

ANTH 482 Internship is the course to sign up for if you are interested in engaging in assistant/intern positions within the department labs (e.g., Arch / Bioanth / Ethnographic Labs). Internships in one of the Anthropology labs generally involve independent/group work engaging in student-led research/lab activities. You can also earn credit through ANTH 482 for other approved internships, either on campus (e.g., CRF...) or in the community. If you are interested in an off-campus location, please be proactive in researching locations and applying for positions - the course instructor will assist you, but student initiative and responsibility will be key. All students enrolled in ANTH 482 will receive a placement - please enroll in ANTH 482 to hold your spot in the course and labs (no permission code is required). Link to Spring 2020 Internship application

ANTH 485 Teaching & Leadership is the course to sign up for if you are interested in engaging in a leadership position in ANTH, either as a course assistant (CA), a leader in one of the labs, or as a peer mentor to new ANTH students. Likewise, to ensure equity in opportunity and availability of positions for course participants, everyone wanting to engage in one of these leadership positions is required to enroll in the course. Those interested in non-leadership ANTH positions (e.g., lab assistant/intern) or those that would like to earn credit for non-ANTH internships (e.g., elsewhere at HSU or in the community) should enroll in ANTH 482 instead of this course. ***The first step to enrolling in ANTH Teaching & Leadership is completing the application linked below. After review from faculty, a permission code for registration will be emailed in accordance with qualifications for and availability of positions indicated, equity in opportunities, class standing, and date of completing the application.  Link to Spring 2020 Teaching & Leadership application