MA Applied Anthropology Recommended Preparation

Prospective applicants for the MA Applied Anth program are encouraged to complete the following. Students may be accepted to the program without completing the suggestions below, but doing so before or during the program will increase competitiveness for entry into the program, aid in successful completion of program, and enhance competitiveness after the MA is completed. Students accepted to the program that have not completed these recommendations may be advised to do so during the program, if they are applicable to area of research/career interest. ***The items below are example recommendations only – they are not exhaustive nor applicable for all students***

  • Students focusing in Archaeology: Introduction to Archaeology & World Prehistory (e.g., HSU ANTH 105), Method & Theory in Archaeology (e.g., HSU ANTH 350), Cultural Resource Management (e.g., HSU ANTH 374), competence in practical aspects of archaeology such as survey and excavation techniques.
  • Students focusing in Biological Anthropology: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (e.g., HSU ANTH 103); Method & Theory in Bio Anth (e.g., HSU ANTH 330); Human Anatomy (e.g., HSU ZOOL 270) or Human Genetics (e.g., HSU BIOL 304/340) if applicable, and familiarity with general laboratory and field methods.
  • Students focusing in Sociocultural Anthropology: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (e.g., HSU ANTH 104), Ethnographic Methods (e.g., HSU ANTH 318), competence in anthropological theory and region/language of interest if applicable.

To achieve success in the program, applicants are advised to be ready to:

  • Intensively focus on the program during the Summer Institute.
  • Dedicate at least 30 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters if on the full-time timeline.
  • Achieve excellent time management skills and turn in all assignments on time and to high standards.
  • Be in a frame of mind ready to learn, and be receptive to critical feedback from peers and faculty.
  • Be prepared to take responsibility for setting goals and achieving personal success.
  • Maintain flexibility and open-mindedness with regard to entertaining new perspectives and methodologies.
  • Maintain ethical behavior and be respectful of peers and faculty at all times.
  • Maintain a positive outlook and persevere through challenges.
  • Be ready to apply your passion!

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